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“The Learning Power Exhibition is extremely proud to be working with the Emerging Stronger Team as media sponsors, being able to share the stories that inspire bold L&D action. We love the way that they use their community to bring together learning leaders from around the globe to use evidence-informed thinking to improve business impact.”

— Chris Mills, Chief Executive

“At Red Thread, we believe in solid, useful timely research. But the research is only useful when we use it to inform our actions, and this takes boldness. Working out the unique bold action that we use to improve business impact in our own organisations is the mission of the Emerging Stronger team. Its also the goal of their annual masterclass which is why we are thrilled to be their research sponsor for their programme of work.”

— Dani Johnson, Cofounder & Principal Analyst

“At Blinkist we believe that all learning leaders should be equipped and confident to take bold action that makes a difference. That’s why we’re proud to support the emerging stronger scholarship programme.”

— Jayne D’Silva, Head of Sales UK & Ireland

“We need the people who are doing the learning to understand how learning works. To invest time and energy on a skill that lasts a lifetime.”

— Stella Collins, Chief Learning Officer & Cofounder

“The biggest drawcard of this program is these three women who are some of the most impressive women you’re meet in our industry. The conversations and community they’re bringing to life, just by the way that they work, the way that they are constantly engaging, constantly sharing and working out loud. It was a great opportunity for us, and it’s a great opportunity for you.”

— Arun Pradhan, Cofounder

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— Cheryl Clemons, CEO StoryTagger

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— Drew McQuire, Capability Group

Your sponsorship will demonstrate your commitment to enabling change in the L&D industry by:

Helping people: Support wider participation at a time when many are under financial strain. It will allow people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend to join us and build on their learning leadership skills.

Helping businesses: Bring awareness to the Emerging Stronger Masterclass, you will be enabling L&D leaders to impact change, emerge stronger and add deliberate value to their businesses.

Helping the industry: Enable the Emerging Stronger community to continue beyond the masterclass period, allowing progressive L&D leaders to stay connected and help each other to thrive and fuel industry-wide change.

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