Emerging Stronger Roundtable Series

The time has come for smartBOL2D



Emerging Stronger Roundtable Series

Join our Roundtables and change your perspective to gain valuable insights into L&D. Using the Emerging Stronger lenses will help you stay ahead of the curve and put you in a better position to be smartBOLD. Join us and open up a world of possibilities.

Time Zone 1 sessions are best for America, Australia, and European Night Owls

Time Zone 2 sessions are best for Early Bird Americans, Europe and Australian Night Owls

Save 27% by purchasing all the Roundtables! Don’t worry if you’ve missed the live sessions. You can still buy the bundle to get everything from the live sessions, such as the video recording, transcripts, resources, plus a few more secret extras!

Hosted over 5 months, across three time zones

Join focused Roundtable discussions to explore:

    Thinking Habits: How our thinking processes influence our decisions, our feelings, and our actions. How you can address mindset challenges and open up to current thinking.

    Data Lens: Discover the opportunities around you to use the stream of data to improve L&D decisions and increase impact.

    Community Lens: How you can engage with people and groups outside of L&D and your organisation to harness diverse perspectives and skills in order to create business value.

    Technology Lens: How you can use technology more effectively to tackle business challenges, adapt to the speed of change, and create more business value.

    Experiment Lens: How you can apply the concept of “learning from failure” and “fail fast to move forward” through experiments to increase the success of initiatives.

    Save 27% by purchasing all Roundtables, with this bundle you will receive all past recordings and additional resources. $37.50 each when purchased separately.

    5 Roundtable sessions with practical application

    These interactive roundtables will provide you with tools and evidence informed practices and the opportunity to combine them with the insights and wisdom of your peers.

    You will leave with:

    • RTools
    • RAction Research
    • RRoundtable Transcription
    • RRoundtable Video

    Because of the intimate nature of these discussions, space is limited.